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HLTB02 Tutorial One January 16, 2012
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Why are we as a species so successful?
Our species has Technological, social, behavioural, and biological success and are therefore so
What was the significance of Attawapiskat?
Attawapiskat is an aboriginal reserve in Canada in the North. This area in Canada has a lot of
overcrowding and really cold weather. There is an interaction between biology and environment. In
Canada we are a modernized country, but the paradox in Attawapiskat is that they’re in a modernized
country but they are not modernized like Toronto or other major cities (i.e. most homes do not have
heating and are overcrowded).
Is childhood a unique stage of the human life cycle? How do we define childhood?
During childhood, what are the three major biological factors associated with feeding?
Bogin mentioned two popular hypotheses to explain human evolution (near the beginning of the
reading). What are they? Define both.
In relation to the two popular hypotheses, what are some criticisms of this? Give two examples.
- The two hypotheses do not explain why we can produce such complex language.
- Over time (time is the factor that determines morphology) we develop differently from our ancestors
Piage during childhood we go through phases that are a part of maturation the two hypotheses say
Bogin gives five themes, which functionally accounts for much of the evolution of and pattern of growth
of our species. Please explain two of these themes.
- Can have more kids.
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