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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB03 Notes I Chapter 1: Sociology, Medicine, Health and Illness: An Overview Allopathic medicine the treatment of disease by conventional means (ex: by using drugs that have the opposite effects to the symptoms) Epidemiology the study of the incidence and distribution of diseases and of the control and prevention of diseases Etiology the study of the causation of diseases and disorders, especially of a specific disease Iatrogenesis the causing or inducing of a disease by a physician or by medical treatment Pathology the science of bodily diseases, the symptoms of a disease Germ Theory Koch, Pasteur Mechanistic model Descartes, machinery and individualistic In Functional Terms Health means 9K089,9041459L2:2.,5,.L941,3L3Lvidual for the 0110.9L;05071472,3.0419K074O08,39,8N8147ZKL.KK0K,8-00384.L,OL]0 Reductionism in Medicine 8KL19014.:8174284.L09,O574-O028945,9K4-physiological L89:7-,3.08causes of disease lie in individual lifestyle and behaviours Social Production of Illness Social Epidemiology and Environmental approach, human health and illness are embedded in economic, social and cultural contexts (ex: social class, economic cycles, socially produced stress, production processes and working conditions) Social Medicine - conditions in society that produce illness and death, ex: SES, Gender roles etc. Mode and Types of Analysis ,OOL.Ks Analysis 3 types: - Clinical Iatrogenesis 5,L38L.N3088,30,9K708:O917429K0574;L8L434120L.,O.,70 - Social Iatrogenesis K0,O9K54OL.L0870L3147.0,3L3:897L,O47J,3L],9L43ZKL.KJ0307,908 050303.,3LOOK0,O9K - Structural 20L.,OO85438470-0K,;L4:7,30O:8L43870897L.99K0;L9,O,:9434241 people by undermining their competency in J74ZL3J:5.,7L3J1470,.K49K07,3,JL3J - Illich blames industrialization, bureaucratization and monopoly power of medical professional, and overmedicalization of life, From Health to Well-being and Health Promotion shift from individual to societal - Health the absence of disease and sickness, a state of complete physical, mental, emotional and social well-bring
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