HLTB03 Textbook Notes Ch 17, 18

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Michelle Silver

Chapter 17Well Being at Mid Life Determinants of Preventative HealthHealth determinants include gender culture income and social status healthy child development biology and genetic endowment physical environment employment and work conditions personal health practices and coping skills education health services social support networks and social environmentsMid life is a time at which the range of determinants of health whose effects may cumulate over time may affect ones well beingA broad population health perspective requires us to examine the conditions of life and work that damage the health of our communitiesA population health approach focuses on the entire population and recognizes the importance of investigating the health disparities in populationsLifecourse is a sociological term that is used to describe life stages in social and cultural contextsA lifecoure approach acknowledges the fluidity of the interaction between people and their environment and the social and cultural contexts of biological changeChapter 18Aging Health and Health Care From Hospital and Residential Care to Home and Community Care80 of older adults report having 1 or more chronic conditi
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