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Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 WINTER 2013 Midterm Review – Key Terms Lecture # 1  Research: systematic and rigorous process of enquiry which aims to describe phenomena and to develop and test explanatory concepts and theories  Health Research: Focuses on information and understanding about health and factors that improve the health of individuals o Health Systems Research: EFFECTIVENESS and EFFICIENCY of the health system o Health Services Research: Relationships between HEALTH SERVICE DELIVERY and the HEALTH NEEDS of the population o Health Technology Research: Health care interventions  Quantitative Research: Numerical, Uses surveys, lab experiments, theory of positivism, scientific method, objective measures  Positivism: Philosophy of science based on the view that information derived from sensory experience, logical and mathematical treatments should be the only source of all authoritative knowledge. Scientific knowledge is the only VALID knowledge/truth supposedly; all social phenomena can be measured objectively and quantitatively  Qualitative Research: Interpretive school of though o Theories of ethnomethodology (ethnic differences in any event), social/systems interactionism, reaction theory, structural theory o Uses unstructured interviews, observations, case studies, ethnography, focus groups o
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