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Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 WINTER 2013 Midterm Review – Key Terms Lecture # 3: Models of Health and Illness  Health: physiological, psychological, mental, physical and social well being  Illness: Subjective, Discomfort, Emotion, Social Functioning, Pain  WHO (1948) Definition of Health: Health is a STATE of COMPLETE PHYSICAL, MENTAL, AND SOCIAL WELL BEING, not merely the ABSENCE of disease or infirmity o Missing: economic, political aspect of health, spiritual well being, the word state implies that it is current in the moment, subject to change  Original Model of Health o Absence of disease o Biomedical model of health o Specific etiology o Body as a machine o No recognition of the subjective experience of illness or diseases o Psychological disturbances o Scientific methods, objectivity and physical and chemical data  New models of health involves social contexts and more than simply absence of disease o Systems/Social Model of Health: Social, Cultural, Political, Economic  Focus on wellness, complex of experience & situation  Disease: It is diagnosable, pathological reason  Illness: subjective, feelings of discomfort, pain or unease, more of a personal experience  Bio psychosocial (BPS) Model of Health: Biological, Sociological and Psychological all contribute to health outcomes
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