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Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 Midterm Review – Key Terms WINTER 2013 Lecture # 5: Science in Health Research  Scientific Method o Experimentation: explore observations and answer questions o Search for cause and effect relationships in nature o Systematic, objective, analytical and interpretative, reproducible  Inductive Reasoning: Identifies similarities within a group of particulars in order to arrive at a general principle or statements o My mom likes cheese, my sister likes cheese, therefore all women in my extended family as well must like cheese  Deductive Reasoning: Make interpretations and extrapolations from a larger overarching theory, apply theory to individual cases o Formation of a concept or idea derived from general principle or statement o All employees at Wal-Mart are supposed to be nice, Angela works at Wal-Mart, Therefore she must be nice  Empiricism: Theories should be based on our observations  Probalistic inductive logic: Factor causing event  Hypothesis Falsification: o Knowledge develops as hypotheses becomes falsified o Critical thought leads to elimination of false theory o Generalizations are tentative hypothesis on trial o Generalizations should then either be refuted by experience or survive to await further observations o Experience can never TRULY verify a theory as true  Hypothetic deductive method: o Theory  use the theory to make a prediction, defining a problem, forming a conjecture o Prediction  design an experiment to test the prediction, what resul
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