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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 Midterm Review – Key Terms WINTER 2013 Lecture # 6: Principles of Health Research  Types of Review o Review – synthesize results and conclusion of 2 or more publications on a given topic o Overview/Systematic Literature Review – all literature on a particular topic is tracked down, analyzed and summarized o Met-Analysis – pooling of all data sets to determine effect size and single observation of all aggregated data  Cochrane Collaboration: highly sensitive search strategy to compile the highest quality of systematic review  ScHARR – School for Health and Related Research; permits a broader perspective both in terms of range of study designs and in corporating qualitative research  Sets for conducting systematic reviews o Set objectives o Develop Rationale – well-defined research question (population, problem, intervention, outcomes, study design, etc.) o Design – Study protocol, set out tasks, methods, databases considered, software packages, review panel, team experts, partnerships, etc. o Time Chart and Budget – 6 to 8 months o Identify Sources of Data – published work, grey literature, previous reviews and bibliographies, types of material, time period o Devising Search Plan – inclusion/exclusion criteria, appropriate published and unpublished literature, etc. o Search Strategy – search terms, input from information specialist, o Testing o Assessing Quality of Studies: Relevant? Valid? Outcome? Critical Appraisal Checklist or Blind Review? Rank studies? o Presenta
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