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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Iva Zovkic

HLTB15 WINTER 2013 LECTURE # 9 – DATA ANALYSIS QUESTIONS  What are the THREE types of Quantitative Data Analysis? o Univariate o Bivariate o Multivariate  What is the main goal of Qualitative Data Analysis? o To find themes and patterns in the data  What are the TWO main core procedures for Qualitative Data Analysis? o CODING – Classification of Phenomena o MEMOING  What is OPEN CODING? o Making sense of massive amounts of qualitative data by trying to identify as many themes, ideas and patterns as possible o Identification is the main purpose  What is the CONSTANT COMPARATIVE METHOD? o Constantly comparing each new piece of data against the codes and notes already provided  Why is NAMING important? o It is important to pay attention to the exact words used as each word depending on the form and word used evokes so much meaning. Therefore be as precise as possible with the words used.  What is AXIAL/FOCUSED Coding? o What this type of coding you are always looking at how themes are useful and how they are related, and interact with one another. o It is used to develop new categories and seeking new relationships that will further shed light on an existing category o Main purpose is links and relationships  What is a CORE CATEGORY? o It is the central code or principle around which other codes cluster around o It is easy to relate to, appears frequently, supports theories and moves ideas forward o Gives central meaning to the research conclusions o Main them of the situation and may represent a central problem or issue.  What is SELECTIVE CODING? o Increases the focus around the central category by always looking at links to it and how it may or may not be at the heart of the matter o It is essential for integration.  What is TRIANGULATION? o It is using a third source outside of the cause to corroborate the results and apparent relationships from your coding to know you are on the right path and what you are interpreting is consistent with other accounts if possible.  What are the FIVE elements of CODING according to Boyatzis (1988) o Label o Definition o How to know when the theme occurs? HLTB15 WINTER 2013 o Qualifications or exclusions? o Examples to eliminate possible confusion  What is MEMOING? o Writing down ideas and insights about the data and can happen at any time o Identify concepts, half formed ideas, action notes hoping to reach more cohesiveness?  What are the THREE TYPES OF MEMOING notes? o Code Notes o Theoretical Notes o Operational Notes  What is CODE notes?
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