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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Lecture 6 Principles of Health Research Three main types of reviews: Review- synthesize the results and conclusions of 2 or more publications on a given topic Overview Systematic literature review- comprehensively identify and track down all the literature on a given topic Meta-analysis- techniques that combines pooled data sets from different studies and analyzes them in order to reach a single observation for the aggregated data. Literature Review major publications basis of theoretical framework proposed methodology Includes: a conceptual framework and theoretical and empirical information Major research findings, research questions, and gaps Objective To broaden the knowledge base Gives information on methods and procedures Systemic Review scientific tool which can be used to summarize, appraise, and communicate the results and implications of otherwise unmanageable quantities of research (CRD Report 4) Published and unpublished grey Literature Aim: reduce bias systematic approach in identification and evaluation of materials objectiveness and interpretation reproducibility Resources: Cochrane Collaboration: Group of subject and methodology specialists who identify and synthesise the results of controlled trials and maintain their reviews Developed a highly sensitive search strategy that has since been improved. ScHARR- School for health and related Research permits a broader perspective both in terms of range of study designs and in incorporating qualitative research Steps: Set objectives develop rationale Well-defined research question- Population, Medical social problem, intervention, outcomes of concern, design of study www.notesolution.com
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