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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Lecture 7- Undertaking research- Sampling Methods The concept of sampling selecting a few from a bigger group advantages: saves financial and human resources Disadvantages: estimation or prediction- possibility of error Sampling in Qualitative Research Saturation Point keep going as long as one keeps discovering new information subjective judgement Terminology Population study sample (N) Samplesubset of a population Sample size (n) number of observations that make up the sample sample size is the same as population size Sampling design strategy the probability of every sample being drawn Sampling unit sampling element member of sample population may be an individual, an organization, or a geographical area. Sampling frame list of population members (units) from which the sample is drawn from includes every element in the target population and each element should only be included once Sample statistics Characteristics of the sample such as the sample mean, the sample variance, and the sample proportion Population parameters population mean a quantity or statistical measure that, for a given population is fixed that is used as the value of a variable in some general distribution or frequency function to make it descriptive of that population The mean and variance of a population Guiding principles Difference between the sample statistics and the true population mean, attributed to the selection of units As sample size increases, the estimate of the true population mean becomes more accurate The greater the difference in the variable, the greater will be the difference between the sample statistics and the true population mean Aims Maximum precision www.notesolution.com
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