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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease Ecology TrueFalse Tutorial Activity C 1. Zoonotic infections are infections that originate in animals and can be transmitted to humans. (True) 2. An increase in parasite mortality will increase disease transmission. (False) 3. Some factors that influence the ability of epidemiologists to project the course of future epidemics are: the critical rate of infection to allow for the disease to spread and sociological changes. (True) 4. A type III epidemic is also called a pandemic, due to it becoming widespread or worldwide. (False) 5. The agricultural revolution resulted in larger concentrations of communities; however the potential for person-to-person civilized infectious disease such as measles, influenza and smallpox did not establish themselves. (False) 6. The spread of SARS from Hong Kong to Canada is an example of a technological advancement that speeds disease control. (False) 7. In early settlements, the farming and domestication of animals and crop plants lead to more parasite resistant strains of both which helped to promote population growth. (False) 8. An endemic disease outbreak is the occurrence of a disease that is in excess of normal expectancy. (False) 9. The 1976 outbreak of Legionnaires disease is an example of direct transmission of disease. (False) 10. Typhoid Mary was an example of a symptomatic carrier of typhoid. (False) 11. Effects of epidemic disease are not limited to the loss of human life,
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