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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Question 1 During the medieval times, the custom of a (Kings Evil or Royal Touching) , in which the King of France and England were believed to have the power to cure scrofula from touching the victims. Question 2 The (preliminaryearliestfirstinitialearly) diagnosis of tuberculosis can be made with a tuberculin test. Question 3 Which of the following statements isare true regarding the history of tuberculosis? A.There is clear evidence that tuberculosis was brought to the Americas by European explorers and settlers B.It was strictly an urban disease C.It did not affect all segments of the U.S. population equally; death rates among African Americans were higher than among the white US population D.A and B E. A and C Question 4 Which of the following is correct regarding tuberculosis? A.It is caused by a acid-fast rod shaped bacillus B.The bacillus can remain viable throughout the hosts lifetime, dormant until resistance fails C.Contracting the disease depends on presence of agent, host and environmental factors D.A and C E. All of the above Question 5 Which of these is not a primary environmental factor which may increase the risk of infection with tuberculosis? A.Sex www.notesolution.com
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