Study Guide for Tuberculosis

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease Origin Transmission Clinical Symptom Treatment Manifestations Tuberculosis -present since antiquity Caused by tubercle -nostagalia the white -found in early mummies bacillus germ 3 main types of the -depression -Tuberculin T plague (2400 BC) Mycobacterium human bacillus -sexual -phtisis or tuberculosis, an - Type 1 indulgence - Tb can be -Mid 19th consumption- Homer acid-fast bacillus found in cured by taki century TB 800 BC -Coughing combo of dru India; least was -TB was documented in -A person may virulent (persistent for 6-12 mon romanticized Egypt , India , and china contract pulmonary - Type A coughing for People expo as early as 5000 tuberculosis from Africa, three weeks , to active TB -Opera -TB epidemics likely from inhaling droplets China, mucus,flem ) recive preven changes in the host from a cough or - sneezing , therapy for 6 productions La Japan, Traviata (1853), population and the sneeze by an Europe, N -spitting months La Boheme environment infected person. America blood , (1895) -In England, practice of Forms a Granuloma - Type B - feel sick or Drug Resist Kings Evil or the Royal in lung tissue. weak , TB : Exclusively -ploose -Classical Touching : but TB Can in Europe -Strains that movie Camille become dormant ; they -several ANIMAL and North appetitie resistant to a (1936) based took credit from this forms America (weight single drug h on Alexandre type of healing. -Tb can remain loss) , been viable throughouse extreme documented Dumas novel -1882 Dr. Robert Koch a)Bovine TB (come The Woman of discovered the hosts lifetime. from cows , and if thinness , every countr the Camellias Mycobacterium - Infection can milk is not fever and -MDR-TB : tuberculosis remain dormant until night sweats Particulary -Developed tuberculin resistance fails. pasturisized (when it dangerous
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