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Caroline Barakat

Plagues and Diseases Etiology, Clinical Manifestations and Treatment ------------------------------------------------------------- Plagues of Antiquity - Bubonic Plague [1346 - 1542] - 2 to 5 days till symptoms - Lymph node infection with buboes - Fever feelings + Seizures - Pneumonic Plague: - Severe cough, frothy, bloody sputum - Difficulty Breathing - Septicemic Plague: - Abdominal pain - Anything to deal with circulation processes - Organ failure, nasea, diarrhea, blood clot - Black Death - All 3 plagues - 30-75% infection mortality rate of bubonic, 90-95% with pneumonic [two most common] - First struck ports and then trade routes Sylvatic Cycle: - Infection between domestic rodents infective fleas wild rodents -> Humans - Pneumonic can be airborne ------------------------------------------------------------- - Leprosy - Agent: Mycobacterium Leprae - Chronic Disease Slow multiplying bacillus, Double time: 12-14 days - Incubation: 3-5 years - Thought to be transmitted vida droplets from nose - Not highly infectious and maybe genetically related with susceptibility - Mainly affects skin, nerves and mucous membranes - Clinical Manifestations - Indeterminate [IL] - Skin lesions [small, no nerve dmg] - Loss of sense is rare, majority will develop, those with strong immunity recovers or turns latent - Tuberculoid [TT] - 1-2 yrs after exposure - Deep lesions [nerve dmg imparement, affected nerves thicken] [Nerve dmg = less feeling] - Untreated patients rarely form leprotamous after many years [LL] - Borderline Tuberculoid [BT] - Deep lesions but smaller and more [same nerve damage effects + thickening]
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