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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Question 1 What is encephalitis? When and how does is it occur? Who first identified it? (2 marks) - Can be a complication caused by measles - inflammation of the brain -> either during or after infection -> virus becomes immuneresistant to the antibodies the body produces, remains in system, few years later, causes inflammation in the brain also related to flu, chicken pox, West Nile, mumps - Identified by Sydenham Question 2 Describe the process of how antibodies for measles are created as a result of infection with the measles virus. Approximately when and for how long does an infected person become immune? (2 marks) - Virus grows into lymph tissue , goes to body surface, grows on body surfaces, respiratory disease then koplik spots appear, then rash - Antibodies develop when rash is disappearing, and increase a few days later and then patient gets life-long immunity Question 3 What type of virus causes the measles disease? What important differential characteristic does this type of virus have? How does this virus replicate itself? (2 marks) - Paramyxo virus - These are viruses than contain RNA that must transcribe to D
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