HLTA01 - Chapter 2

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

HLTA01 Plagues and People: Chapter 2 Plagues, the Price of Being Sedentary - Ape-men evolved and changed their habits numerous times o They were vegetarians -> didn’t yet develop tools to attack animals for food o Walked on all fours o Had leaders o Created tools using bones as weapons for defense and to capture food o Used the weapons to ward off enemies o Used animals for many purposes  Food, clothing, shelter, weapons - Animals contained parasites - Diseases were caught from insects in the trees before ape-men knew how to walk (mosquitoes) - When they learned how to walk, the diseases were caught by insects and animals on ground level (ticks and flies) - As years went on, ape-men became more civilized (farmers) - They created their own homes and started to farm - Population increased dramatically but then slowed down because not everyone was needed to farm meaning women had other chores to do and they couldn’t take
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