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Caroline Barakat

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HLTA01 Plagues and Peoples Chapter 7 – Malaria, Another Fever Plague - Fever plague – killed over half of the people who ever lived on the planet - Someone dies every 10 seconds – mostly children under 5 in Africa - 300 million – 500 million cases – only 10% outside of Africa o 2-3 million deaths A Look Back - Recorded in Ebers papyrus (1570 BC) o Described: enlarged spleens, periodic fevers, headache, chills, and fevers - Most likely came from Africa to Europe by either Nile Valley or close contact between Europeans and citizens of Asia Minor - Hippocrates: 2 types of malaria o Recurrent fevers every third day (benign tertian) o Fevers on every fourth day (quartan) - Believed to be from vapors emanating from the marshes (Roman Campagna) th - Reached Spain and Russia by 12 century - In England in 14 century - Brought to New World by European explorers, conquistadors, colonists and African slaves - Worldwide in 1800 - Laveran examined blood from soldier suffering from malaria and found transparent globules containing malaria pigment in red blood cells, and sometimes mobile filaments coming from clear spherical bodies(exflagellation) - Mosquito carrying human malaria – anopheles - Ross, Manson a
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