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Terms Definitions What are other names 1. Morbus gallicus 2. The French disease/evil for Syphilis? 3. Italian disease 4. Spanish disease 5. Polish disease 6. Christian disease 7. British disease 8. Great Pox 9. Lues (Lues venerea) 10. Cupid's disease 11. The Black Lion 12. Grandgore in Scottland 13. Disease of Naples Is it believed that It is believed that the disease came from syphilis derived from Naples. It was contracted by French soldiers Naples?And from who slept with "unclean" women and returned who? to France. What are the two 1) Colombian Theory: Introduced to Europe theories of the disease from the New World ( possibly returned with origin? Columbus and his crew). Proof is from skeletal findings, written records, and patterns of spread. 2)Pre-Columbian/Anti-columbian Theory: The human disease yaws, pinta and syphilis are identical in their morphology but differ very little genetically. Theory suggests that human treponemes may have come from animals and that an infection similar to pinta (localized in the skin). Arose about 15,000 BC inAfrica and then with human migration passed across the Bering Straits to become isolated in the tropics of theAmericas, where humidity is high. What are the 2 Sub 1) Unitarian - Same organism causes all 4 theories of the Pre- disease but different manifestation due to Colombian theory: location specifics. 2) Non- Unitarian - originally it may have been one organism but mutation occurred and started with pinta then to yaws then to endemic and later into venereal. What is the causative -Early observes belived that syphilis was God's agent of syphilis? punishment for human sexual excesses. -Later Fracastoro theorized that syphilis was a result of seed contagion. - Until 1905, Schaudinn and Hoffman in Germany identified the bacterium in the syphilitic chancres. The microbe was called Treponema, and its species pallidum. Humans are the only natural host for T.pallidum. Why did it take so It was confused and associated with another long to identify the venereal disease, gonorrhea. cause of syphilis? What scientist injected1748, John Hunter wanted to prove that they himself with the were the same and all he needed to show was disease to prove that that the pus "wet case" from the patient, a wet gonorrhea and syphiliscase, could produce a chancre or a dry case. were the same? Who demonstrated Philippe Ricord. He also determined the 3 that gonorrhea and stages of syphilis: primary, secondary and syphilis were different tertiary. disease? Who said that syphilis • Rudolph Virchow (mid 19th century). is transmitted through the blood? Where is yaws located Located in the tropical equatorial areas - South in the world and
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