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Terms Definitions Was smallpox seen as an yes, anyone and everyone was seen equal to indiscriminate disease? get infected. Is smallpox described in Yes , it is found mentioned in Indian and ancient text? Chinese text as well as Egyptian where in fact Pharaoh Ramses V died from smallpox. In what century did the 16th century. disease become serious in Europe? What wars were connected -Possibly the Antonin Plague, when soldiers with smallpox? returned home from war. -16th century fall of the Aztec and Incas empire where smallpox was brought by the Spanish and Portuguese. - Used a biological warfare by the French on the Native Americans in the war (1754 - 1767). What is the virus genus and Genus - Orthopoxivuris family? family- Poxvirdae What is another name for Variola Vera. smallpox? What are the two strains of Variola major- more virulent and about 30- smallpox? 50% mortality, with vaccine only 3% mortality rate. Variola minor - Less virulent with only 2% mortality rate. What other forms does Monkeypox, cowpox, camlepox, chickenpox, Orthopoxvirus genus include?mousepox. Explain what is Hemorrhagic Malignant and its a hemorrhagic form of smallpox (blackpox). Variola major. Developed in approximately 5- 10% infected people. If case is severe it can lead to extensive bleeding into the skin, leaving black marks on the skin. Mortality rate is 95%, even if patient is vaccinated, they may still die. How does this virus remain It must be continuously transmitted from virulent? person to person but humans are only short term carriers. This feature is the reason why the disease was successfully removed. What are some main forms of Through contact, inhalation of aerosols and by transmission? contaminated fomites ( short period of time). How does smallpox spread Multiplies in the mucous membranes of the through out the body? mouth and nose then moves to the lymph nodes and then to internal organs via bloodstream. How long can the variola About 2 days. virus remain viable outside the human host? Describe the main clinical Acute onset- fever, malaise, rigors, vomiting, manifestation. headache, backache and occasionally delirium. 2-3 days after skin legions appear on body. Can leave scaring. Days 3,4,5, pimples come out. Days 6-10 pi
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