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Terms Definitions Why was it hard to Dating back to the 7th century, people were distinguish measles? confused with the similar symptoms from other rash diseases like smallpox. Who attributed the Rhazes (900AD) clinically separated earliest description of smallpox and measles. Noticed that the pupil measles? of the eye gets smaller when exposed to light. He also believed that both proceeded from same cause. What was the prevailing red rash represented the mothers menstrual theory about measles in blood that accumulated in the child during the past? its time in the womb. Measles was a way for children to rid themselves of the so called poisons so the disease was welcomed. What are other names for rubeola, hard measles, red measles, morbilli, measles? hasbah. The origins of the term measles is from Latin - misellus or misella meaning miserable. In 1670 what did ThomasClearly separate measles from smallpox and Sydenham first do? recognized complications such a cancrum oris (leads to the destruction of the mouth) and encephalitis (swelling of the brain). By now what theory haveMother bloods theory scientists rejected? In 1757 what did Francis demonstrated the infective nature - he Home demonstrate? succeeded in transmitting measles using blood from an infected child to 8 other participants. What is viral The swelling of the brain and : may develop encephalitis? during or after infection an its not only restricted to measles but others like herpes, chickenpox, etc. What is cancrum oris? Destruction of the tissue of the nose and mouth cavity. What scientist did the Peter Ludwig Panum ( 19th century) Danish government send to the Faeroe Islands? Why did the Danish They sent him to the Faeroe Islands tobe the government send Peter first to observe the measle epidemic and find Ludwig Panum? different features of the disease. Approximatly 7,800 inhabitants and 102 died (1846). Why was Faeroe Islands Faeroe islands were ideal for significant? epidemiological study of the measles. The islands have small isolated communities and all visitors were noted in a calendar. Panum was able to trace the start of the epidemic and establish 4 important facts. What are the 4 important 1.) Rash appears 12 to 14 days after contact facts Panum established? with an infected person. 2.) Infectivity is greatest 3-4 days before the rash appears. 3) Contagious nature of disease - respiratory rout of transmission. 4.) Life-long immunity ( those contracted before did not get it again). What did Hektoen In 1910 he demonstrates that the disease is demonstrate?
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