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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Bubonic Plague Key Terms: Pandemic: the disease spans the entire world Epidemic: takes on a continent or a country Beringia Columbian Contact Listeria: Botulism Anthrax Bubonic Plague Yersinia pestis: causative agent responsible for Bubonic Plague Buboes Vector Rodent Etiology Epidemiology: study or distribution of disease 1 in 4 doctors and 1 in 2 nurses in Montreal wash their hands bw patients Bubonic Plague: Pick two countries, and examine the impact (cultural, economic, and religion) of plague of each. o Brazil, Switzerland, Egypt, China, and England [London (1965, The great London Fire)] o Economical affects: less trade, less workforce, reduced business o Cultural affects: scape-goating o Religiously affects: sign that God was angry; God punishing them; whipping themselves (flagellants) thought they committed such sin n it was Gods punishment; a lot of prayers How important was the legacy of the Black Death in shaping late medieval attitudes towards death of commemoration? o No more ceremonies for the death cuz a lot of deaths Bubonic is a sudden death n leprosy is a living death Leprosy Key Terms: IL Pandemic Epidecmic Endemic Microparasites Macroparasites BL Plague is US: Utah, California, Mexico Incubation period: 2-10 days William Mompesson: priest that told everyone not to leave the town of Eyyam Leprosy: an infectious disease caused b Mycobacterium leprae, characterized by skin lesions and necrosis; It is a chronic infectious disease which was once a scourge throughout the world Clinical Manifestations: 1. Tuberculoid 2. Lepromatous
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