Plagues without germs

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Plagues without germs The Red Plague – first described in Spain 1735 as Mal de la rosa First appeared as a skin rash that covered the hands and feet and sketched an ugly butterfly pattern across the neck Early stages – reddening of the skin might resemble a sunburn or inflammation due to contact with poison oak. The skin crusted and peeled away, showing the smooth and shiny skin below, tongue became reddened, burning sensation in the mouth , and diarrhea. Pellagra – pelle – skin. Agra – rough o associated with people who had a diet of corn o I. Salas – concluded that cause was spoiled corn infested with parasite verdet Joseph Goldberger – experiment: every child under 12 years of age got 14 ounces of milk a day, and those under 6 years of age got 20 ounces. Eggs and fresh meet served 4 days a week. Pellagra faded o Conducted another experiment which stated that the lower the income, the greater the incidence of pellagra o discovered that rats and dogs show pellagra like symptoms – black tongue and inflammation of the skin (dermatitis) o Basic diet 123 – consisted of corn meal, cowpeas, casein, sucrose, cottonseed oil, cod liver oil, sodium chloride, and sodium carbonate o Sprinkling dried brewer‘s yeast on basic diet 123 prevented black tongue and death in dogs o Great depression eliminated pellagra Prevention – adding fresh meat, milk, eggs, and vegetables to the diet. o Pellagra preventive factor (P.P) Deficiency of niacin – needed for normal oxidative metabolism of sugars red plague led to the discovery of antimetabolites – drugs designed to inhibit bacterial growth by interfering with their coenzymes or enzymes White Rice Plague – neurological disorder characterized by paralysis of the hands and feet native name beriberi, which meant ‘‘ ì cannot‘‘ Symptoms – loss of strength, loss of appetite, swelling of the ankles and thighs with great pain in the leg joints, loss of the ability to speak, emaciation, and death from
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