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HLTA TEST1 cheat sheet Introduction to Disease EcologyDefinitions Parasitesorganism that grows feedsis sheltered onin different organism hostdoes not contribute to survival of its hostVirusmicroparasitesmaller than bacterianeither cell nor organismcan only reproduce within hostlive inside cell eg HIVMacroParasitecomposed of many cellscycles thru transmission stages eggs larvae which pass into external environmentlive outside cell eg fleas Transmissionmovement of a parasite from hosthost th u cta atety ute ss w actea Latent Periodseemingly inactive period bt exposure to infection and subsequent illness Parasite Virulencecapacity of parasite to cause disease Zoonotic Infectionsanimal infections transmitted to humans Pathogencause of disease eg Virus bacteria Vectormode of transmission eg Spores Agentdisease causing thing eg Chemical Endemicdisease which occurs in predictable fashion usual regular within a given geographical area eg Flu Epidemicdisease of which the occurrence exceeds expectation in terms of effect Pandemicglobal epidemic Incidenceratechanges over timenumber of new cases in certain timeframe Prevalencetotal number of cases at one timean overall snapshotModes of Disease TransmissionDirect personperson Indirect through a common route or vector eg contaminated air water mosquitoEntry Dermal thru the skin eg FungusIngestion thru the mouth eg Ecoli in water Inhalation during respiration breathing Aspiration accidentally thru airwayTypes of DiseasesDisease Severity Iceberg ConceptHost Response death of organismClassicalSevere disease CLINICAL DISEASE Moderate severity mild illness ectwut ccaillness asymptomatic infection SUBCLINICAL DISEASE Exsu e wutectnote most diseases are subclinicaldangerous period as host does not know they are infected eg Mar
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