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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Leprosy was a punishment from God Ringing the bell was a way in letting people know that they had leprosy Lepers were strapped to posts and burned, sinners that was a way to get rid of them. Some other ways were burry alive (kinder) They were treated in different hospitals, lespritarian, lepers house, lazar house. Lepers were considered dead they would be removed from office, denoted from civic status. Special ceremonies in which those infected were removed from their homes, called the mask of separation. Patients in Louisiana were not allowed to marry until 1952, leprosy lasted until 1997 Another name for leprosy is Hansens disease (mycobacterium leprae) Not hereditary or taken form a curse, it was then accepted by society. Cannot be grown in tissue culture. Can only be grown in mice, animals with lower temperature It takes a long time for this disease to manifest. Slow multiplying bacillus. Incubation period of leprosy is about average 3-5 years. Thought to be transmitted through droplets from the (discharges)nose; inhalation or open wounds Low virulence. Advancement of the disease depends on ones genetic susceptibility. It will affect the membranes. Once it is able to cause harm to the individual it will affect the skin, the nerves, and the mucous membranes. A structural disease that has several different stages. The bacterial itself is shed from its skin, nasal secretions. Motive transmission Cross protective effect from tuberculosis. Meaning that if individuals who had contract tuberculosis may not get leprosy or those that have vaccination for tuberculosis. leprosy can affect anyone. Isolated natives, warm, wet areas. Nave, meaning places that do not really see other types of diseases. Rarely seen in infants (incubation period 3-5 yrs.) seen in ages 10-14 and 35-44 Males are being more susceptible to leprosy. www.notesolution.com
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