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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Black Death-Kiple p.612-615 History -First appeared in Tibet, Mongolia or Iraq, Kurdistan 1346 -West ward to Egypt , Middle East 1347 -North west to Mediterranean, Europe 1348 -Moscow 1353 -Lasted 7 Years -Bubonic prevalent in summer, Pneumonic prevalent in winter Transmission and Mortality -Diseased Rats travel port to port -Rat flea travelled in cloth and bedding -Human flea could transmit without rats by septicemic plague -pneuomonic plague transmission airborne -30 to 50 % mortality rate middle east and Europe -poor affected by plague by living in crowded filthy homes Control and Prevention -Christians thought black death to be a mark of divine wrath and punishment for sin -Jews blamed for poisoning Christian wells, and Jewish communities destroyed -quarantines, Italy was strict with cleaning the streets, travel limitations, hired doctors Leprosy/Hansens Disease- Kiple 1-9, 11-23 Classical Era 2 century and before -Lepers are sinners and are being punished in this life -elephantiasis first described to leprosy by Aretaeus Leprosy in Society 1000-1500 -isolation and hospitalization of lepers -increase in medical knowledge and diagnostic skill Hospitals -new wealth more hospitals/leprosarium -skyrocketed in 12 and 13 century -most cases lepromatous leprosy -common other -tuberculoid Leprosy -Church isolated the lepers from the public -leprosy patients weakened and exposed to plague -body of leprosy patients creates more antibodies for pathogens -lepromatous leprosy is contagious and vast amounts of those patients were hospitalized 11-23 Spread to the new world (North America& south america) -Major factor of slave trade from Africa -French Canadians (Acadians) brought leprosy to Louisiana a view -National Leprosarium in Carville, Louisiana Spread to Africa -Ethiopia, sudan leprosy existed since ancient times -Portuguese colonists, arab colonists Chemotherapy Chaulmoogra oil -Orally -poor results, even with some good results, relapses occurred Sulfone Drugs Sulfanilamide -six patients improved, while most had side effects Promin -helped but not significant Dapsone -oral low doses showed improvement and less side effects Clofazimine -highly effective no bacterial resistance Rifampin -excepti
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