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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Name of Cause of Mode(s) of Host Sympt Disease History (from Disease Control: DiseasePla disease: e.g. transmission oms & the first case to the drugs, hygienic gue bacteria, Clinic spread as an practices parasite, al epidemicpandemic, vector Manif etc.) estati on Pneumonia Bacteria: Indirect transmission:Human Fever, First person to contract a.k.a. legionella Aspiration of bacteria chills, the disease: In 1976 Peter in aerosolized water headac Turner, a WWII Legionnaire s Disease from either cooling he, veteranattending the towers or evaporative muscle Legionnaires convention condensers. aches, in Philadelphia, spent a Droplet spread: via dry lot of time in the air sneezing, coughing, cough, conditioned lobby. spitting, etc. chest Through the AC system, pains, shortne the bacterium spread and ss of infected 221 legionnaires, 33 of which died. breath, Present day: 11, 000 vomitin g, documented cases diarrhe annually in US, with an estimate of actually a, lungs 100,000 cases. filled Fatality rate: 15% with fluid and pus, confusi on, disorie ntation, hallucin ations, loss of memor y. Can lead to death. Toxic Shock Bacteria: Indirect Not discussed Begins TSS is gender specific. In Syndrome Staphylococcus transmission: use of with 1979, Mary Benton, first (TSS) aureus polyester tampons vomiti TSS case, a TA at UCLA that provide ng, felt ill a day after her 24 suitable high b-day. Pelvic examination: environment for fever, brown discharge. The bacteria to cultivate followe disease is linked to use of d by super absorbent tampons lighthe with carboxylmethyl aded- cellulose with polyester ness foam. and Fatality rate: 4% faintin Caused fear of diseases g, sore and being affected. throat, muscle aches. A day later, a sun burnt like rash appear s everyw here, and eyes become bloods hot. After 3-4 days victims suffer confusi on, fatigue , weakn ess, thirst, rapid pulse & breathi ng, cool and moist skin. Sudde n bp drop causes shock and circula tory system collaps es. Death: multi-
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