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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Chapter 1 & 2: Disease ecology R Definitions: Number of individuals an infected person infects Increases as the population size increases Parasites org. That growsfeedsshelters onin another Virus ultimate micro-parasite... Decreases as: parasite mortality increases OR trans. dec. Macro-parasites many celled, cycles through transmission stages, it passes through the external Population needed to maintain an infection varies inversely environment, dont multiply in host with transmission efficiency and directly with death rate Transmission movement from host to host and virulence Incubation period time interval where the disease A. anamensis A. Afarensis (came to ground ) H. habilis develops visible multiplication, replication... (Infection to (meat eater, malaria, leprosy, blood flukes) H. erectus symptoms) (stone tools) H. sapiens (more graceful, more tools, Latent period inactive period bw infection and onset of hunters) Us H. sapien sapien disease (infection to contagiousness) Chapter 3: Diseases of Antiquity Parasite virulence capacity of a parasite to cause disease Zoonotic infections animal infections to humans HematuriaSnail feverSchistosomabilharzia: 5000 BC Mature epidemics: non-infected ppl born after the epidemic get a massive attack later on as another wave hits The pharaohs plague (Nile valley: irrigation) Eggs reach fresh water and release larva: What are the main factors that influence the miracidium occurrence of a disease? Mircidia penetrate snails and form sporocysts in The epidemiological triad: Host, Environment and Agent liver Sporocysts turn intocercariaeasexually and enter There are 3 classes of diseases: H2O (Type III epidemic) Class A: most infections are inapparent Cercariae penetrate micehumans and tu
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