Health exam notes based on study guide part 4

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease Leprosy Influenza HIV Historical far east about 1400 BC 412 BC: Hippocrates has recorded it 1981: first described Context - spread either soldiers of Alexander the great 1580-Now: 31 flu pandemics recorded 1983: Human retrovirus HIV-1 from india- along trade route reached 1918-1920: H1N1 strain (Spanish flu) identified (Worldwide) Mediterranean about time of Christ 50 million deaths 1985: HIV-2 discovered (West Africa) Soldiers from Kansas spread it 12 epidemic 1957: Asian flu 13 -14 peak 1976: Swine flu: killed more ppl and any other disease Disappearance in 1350 AD because ( TB cases increased ) 1997: H5N1 strain 1. Among homosexuals and drug users selective mortality cross immunity with other VIDEO: 2. Heterosexual sex, prostitution, mycobacterium unsterile injections, prenatally H1N1 currently present loss of pathogenicity This strain is very different from the 3. Infections from ppl above or blood genetic selection of population 1918 strain of H1N1 transfusions improved quarantine improve sanitation IT C
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