Exam review notes part 3

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Health Studies
Caroline Barakat

Disease Plagues Pallagara (Red disease) Beriberi (White rice plague) Scurvy (explorers disease) Rickets without germs th Historical Context Spain 1735 1616: neurological disorder 15 century: early records Old disease Pella agra Italian for characterized by paralysis 16 century: men in sea 1650: epidemic in England skin rough of hands and feet Late 19 century: the voyages were noted to have 1909: Epidemic in US (26 Early 1900s: Eijkman did gums that grew over their disease was restricted to States) chicken study and teeth could not eat industrial cities: Scotland, 1912: high fatality (SA-40%) established: disease is not death England, N-Europe th 20 century: 3M cases in germ-related 18 century: James lind US and 1000 deaths 1926: deficiency in did the first controlled NOT POOR DIET, IT IS thiamine (Vitamin B1) clinical trial: disease was DUE TO AIR POLLUTION Old belief: INFECTIOUS related to nutrition and disease of the poor lemon juice intake 19 century: Outbreaks in 1939: evidence established Ireland, California, and NY that it was die to niacin- deficiency (Vitamin B3) Epidemiology 1730-1930: 1 million deaths
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