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Health Studies
Rhan- Ju Song

1. as described in the film, (not according to wikipedia), what is the wealth-health gradient? Give specific film examples/ case studies of how this concept, combined with the importance of power, and control over one’s destiny, is demonstrated in the video 2. Describe examples from the film that illustrate how racism imposes an additional health burden on people of colour. Give examples of both “everyday” racism and “structural” racism, and describe how these might affect health in different ways. In sickness and wealth -we are determined by our genes, what we see in our biology is innately who we are, and what we are born to be -we grow up as children and adults. And interact with environment- that is actually how we are determined is inequality making us sick? -living in American should be good health = highest GDP in world -2 trillion$ in medical care -but the stats, live shorter and sicker lives then any industrial nation -higher percentage of babies die in first yr then other countries -47 m of them have no health care coverage. -aspirin cures fever, lack should be reason why there is fever  false -diet, individual behavior the problem? linked to SDOH -body=life time of experience, more powerful than our genes -ex. Twins, same life, as they grow one goes professional one becomes working class = different health -Dr. Troutman- SDOH, major thing that shapes health outcomes -highest rates of death = west end excess death – able to predict within a timeframe how much people will die, if the actual rate is larger that is excess. -cancer and heart disease twice the rate in some areas -lewisville: 26 neighbourhood, with own SE environment In district 16- taylor CEO and grandfather -earns into 6 figures, income= top 1% of americans, -safe neighborhood, able to walk around -excess death not problem in district 16 -LE= 80 yrs, 2 yrs greater than national avg -more money= healthier (ladder, rich at the top) wealth health gradient: -20 000 civil servants, the lower the grade of employment the lower health -smoking, blood pressure, cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, explained ¼ of the gradient --lower class smoker has greater disease then high class smoker -american --high wealth greater health -diabetes (low income twice to affluent) -stroke, heart disease middle to low income americans =excess death -direct connection to health and social conditions from one district to another in district 24 -Tondra Yonge- supervisor -financially comfortable -bought a new home, a middle class family -college grads live 2 and a half year longer than HS grads -education ties into job, and health -debt: 20 000$, plus mortgage -15% in district= college grads -LE= 76 *less power and control on the environment. district 21 -corey andreson -his mom worked full time, then got laid off and got sick – took big toll on her -home ownership = builds financial security -both work full time, salary of 48000$, ½ of all Americans live at this level or below -1/3 of district diagnosed with CHD -LE 73.4 -one part of st very developed, other side is the projects -adequate access to grocery stores *needs get lots of demands from up above, get bounced around (janitor in hospital) -high demand low control job -likely to experience high blood pressure, and doesn’t fall as much when they sleep district 5 mary turner -1/3 of residence don’t have high school diploma -35% live under poverty line -LE=69 -don’t have things opened to them -eat what fits your budget -12% are unemployed, -as soon as you try to better yourself, and find a job, then you might lose your medical coverage, but need that so she can work -based on where you live, income, and graduate. You can predict when they
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