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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01H3Y: Health, Aging and the Life Cycle Department of Health Studies University of Toronto at Scarborough Summer 2010 May 32010. Introduction to the course: course outline, assignments and exams. Brief overview and discussion: What is aging? Introduction to basic definitions and Models of Optimal Aging. A&G: Chapters 1 +12. What is wisdom? - Definition is debated - the knowledge that comes with experience - countries: seek out the elderly for counsel, and opinion because they are wise - part of the reason that we look at the elderly here more than often as being a burdenchallenge is because we have a fear of getting old ourselves. It is the last stage before we die, and we discriminate against them because we are scared of going through these processes that we learn about. - We want to stay young forever, and part of the research about the elderly looks at ways that we can trick the aging process and deny the inevitable. - We try to look younger (buy products). When we are younger we try to look older and when we are older we try to look younger. - It is the way its perceived because of the research and theories of aging that make us believe certain things - The aging process is plastic > able to be bent, change them Theories of Aging - See theories in the textbook!! - strikingly different way that aging was thought of 2000 years ago - 21 scentury: aging isnt seen as optimistic, today we know there is more than one way to age successfully - Erikson: aging is a process that continuously occurs and is affected by the choices that individuals make - No specific way to define optimal aging - Ageism continues to exist because research about ageism has virtually offered inconclusive results - Problem: no one tells you about the good things with aging, only of the negative things - Medical community has demonstrated ongoing success of treating chronic illnesses Definitions N Biogerontology: study of biological processes giving rise to old age N Gerontology: the study of the elderly, and of the aging process itself. It normally refers to the study of the biological process of aging, not its medical www.notesolution.com
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