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Final Exam Study Guide - All Diseases

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Health Studies
Anna Walsh

Disease Symptoms CauseRisk Factor TreatmentPrevention Notes Xerosis=dry skin -red, scaly & itchy skin on -unknown but may be -application of creams -troublesome in the legs, back & arms associated with (topical emollients) winter bc ppl stay slowing of the after bathing to slow the indoors in a warm & keratinocyte turnover loss of water from the dry envir rate epidermis -helpful emollients which contain lanolin, glycerin, lactic acid & urea -mild corticosteroid ointments help heal severely affected areas Seborrheic keratoses (old age -brown to black in colour -RF: sun exposure -get them evaluated & -can occur in young spots)=benign lesions & have irregular edges -hereditary possibly removed to adulthood too commonly found in older ppl -slightly raised predisposition differentiate from malignant growth Skin Cancer 1)-small, fleshy bump or -RF: sun exposure 1)-remove lesions in the 1)-very slow growing -2 common forms: nodule (pearly looking) on (for both) early stage of growth to & metastases are rare 1)basal cell carcinoma the head or neck 2)-RF: chronic minimize further -common to have a 2)squamous cell carcinoma 2)-red, scaly, & hard patch irritations (e.g.: damage to skin lesion having second found face or back of h& chronic dermatitis 2)-general illness- primary growth -may become ulcerated & due to exposure to preventing strategies crusty with time allergens or scarring form radiation or ulcers) -nutritional status of the body Osteoporosis (porous -fractures can occur in any -RF for women: those -rehabilitation -aka 8LO039L80,80 bone)=bone loss & part of the body but esp. with low body weight -social support bc bone loss occurs deterioration so severe that vertebrae, wrist & upper &or family history -calcitonin: naturally without any obvious the bone can fracture part of the femur (hip) -diet low in calcium occurring hormone that symptoms =d porosity of the (esp. in teen & young works on osteoclasts to -pain of the fracture www.notesolution.comtrabecular bone & thinning of adult yrs), early prevent trabecular bone may be osteoarthritis the cortical bone menopause, anorexia loss nervosa or bulimia, -bisphosphonates (e.g.: inactive lifestyle, fosamax): synthesized excessive use of which 8 bone alcohol massdensity -prescription drugs: -estrogen (& corticosteroids progesterone) &thyroid replacement therapy: -RF for men: calcium low doses but 8 risk of intake, genetics, heart disease & breast &lifestyle options cancer Skeletal kyphosis 4Z,J078 -severe & painful -difficult to drive & hump)=multiple vertebral condition of the spine find clothes that fit fractures affecting posture & height -great fear of falling -head & chest may be bent hence limiting normal over to the extent that the activities of life lowest rib is resting on iliac crest of the pelvis -collapsed vertebrae will put pressure on the rib cage compressing the heart & lungs therefore no respiratory & cardiac function -walks with head downward therefore no visual field & balancecoordination Osteoarthritis=protective - in bone spurs & -unclear whether -centered around -common form of
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