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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Lecture #1: Childhood Monday, January 10 2011 Childhood as a Cultural Artifact Unlike infancy, childhood is a socialcultural artifact. Infancy is a biologically driven event with a genetically timed duration. Childhood is a different story. It can be longer or shorter depending upon several factors. The Natural History of Childhood Niel Postman: The Disappearance of Childhood Greeks had no real world for child in the ancient world. They did invent schooling, but childrens lives were precarious. o Precarious dependent on circumstances beyond ones control; uncertain; unstable; insecure o Plato speaks of disciplining children through Threats and blows, like a piece of warped wood (Protagoras) Little concept of child as a category separate from adult in the Middle Ages. What constitutes childhood as a concept? Niel Postman (The Disappearance of Childhood) The concept of shame Children are defined as a class of people who must be sheltered from adult secrets (specifically, sexual secrets) This connects to the general concept of children as a group that requires Special Protection from adults Roman Law: Protection Rome, 374 A.D.: Law forbidding infanticide (exposure) Until then, the practice was acceptable, if the child was deformed, female or in some other way undesirable. Often used as a form of retroactive birth control (before the advent of orphanages). www.notesolution.com
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