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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Lecture #5: Socio-Emotional Development: Self Regulation Monday, February 7 2011 Self Regulation within Socioeconomic Contexts Paper by CybeleRever asks3crucial questions: 1. Canweusethesamemeasuresthat weusedwith averagekidsongroupsof kidswith different SESanddemographic characteristics? 2. What evidenceis therethat early environmentsmay support or compromisechildrens development of self regulation? 3. Canstudying underprivilegedkidstell ussomething new about development in normal contexts? Understanding the Rolesof Income, Risk, and Culture Infantsandyoungchildrenin poverty areexposedto multiple ecological stressors: o Residential instability o Higher levelsof neighbourhoodandfamily violence o Greater psychological distressamongadult caregivers The Importance of Measurement Raver arguesthat theliteratureonthenormativedevelopment onself regulation canbeviewed from theperspectiveof: 1. Measurement of equivalence Establisheswhether agivensetof assessmentstapalatent construct such asemotion self-regulation similarly acrossracially, ethnically, or socioeconomically diversegroupssothat meaningful inferencescanbe drawnfrom thedata A goodexampleof acontroversy in measurement equivalenceis the measurement of IQ In the70sandto this day,many researcherssuggestthat traditional IQ measuresarebiasedagainst anyonewho is not: o Western o White www.notesolution.com
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