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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

Lecture #11: Threats to Child Development from the Built Environment Monday, March 21 2011 How to be a Better Consumer What is skepticism? o An approach to evaluating data o It is not doubting o A skeptic asks for evidence and does not take things on face value o A skeptic is very open minded and will accept what the evidence suggests o Skepticism is not boring! From noted Skeptic Brian Dunning o Skepticism is, or should be, an extraordinarily powerful and positive influence on the world o Skepticism is not simply about debunking as is commonly charged o Skepticism is about redirecting attention, influence, and funding away from worthless superstitions and toward projects and ideas that are evidenced to be beneficial to humanity and to the world Skepticism and Science o The scientific method is central to skepticism o The scientific method requires evidence, preferably derived from validated testing o Anecdotal evidence and personal testimonies generally dont meet the qualifications for scientific evidence, and thus wont often be accepted by a responsible skeptic; which often explains why skeptics get such a bad rap for being negative or disbelieving people o Theyre simply following the scientific method The Mozart effect in Children There is a pop culture phenomenon called The Mozart Effect www.notesolution.com
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