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Health Studies
R Song

Bogin et al. 2007 1. Review the biocultural domains of influence on human life history 2. What is human life history, and what are the “trade-offs” in human growth and development? 3. Compare the “developmental programming” hypothesis to the hypothesis of “predictive adaptive responses” 4. What is the “human development index”, and what is it based on? Brown and Pollitt 1996 1. Compare the traditional, and newer, perspectives on malnutrition, brain growth and cognitive development. 2. Review the findings of the INCAP study of Guatemalan children, and the recommended interventions for preventing cognitive impairment. 3. How does malnutrition hinder cognitive development of children? Noble et al. 2005 1. What are the three core neurocognitive systems that are linked with aspects of school performance and how are these systems affected by SES (or “race”)? 2. How do a child’s life experiences affect the developing brain? 3. What are some suggested interventions to prevent cognitive impairment? Heckman 2006 1. Detail how early environments can affect child, adolescent and adult achievement (consider this question with respect to other readings as well). Consider the economic investments and consequences. Hertzman 1999 1. What is the socioeconomic gradient in health status? 2. Examine the various perspectives linking early child development and the environment of childhood with adult health status. Consider the results of animal and human studies. Scheper-Hughes 1991 1. Consider the living environments of children in this Brazilian community. 2. What factors play a role in the attitudes of parents/families to childcare and child mortality? 3. What is the overall message of this article? Pallapies 2006 1. Detail the current trends in childhood disease in Europe and the US and consider all the factors that play a role. Mung’Ala-Odera et al. 2004 1. How does malaria affect neurologic and cognitive development of children? 2. What are the long-term, and larger societal, consequences? 3. What are DALYs? Strauss 2002 1. Note the temporal changes in childhood obesity rates 2. What are the various factors that play a role in childhood obesity? 3. What are the consequences to children of childhood obesity? Abadia-Barrero and Castro 2006 1. How does AIDS-related stigma affect a patient, and society at large (what are the various consequences)? 2. Detail the drug interventions employed today, and the effect of therapies
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