The Biological Embedding on Earth Experience- Notes for cumulative final

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Health Studies
Jason Ramsay

HLTB02 - THE BIOLOGICAL EMBEDDING ON EARTH EXPERIENCE AND ITS EFFECTS N HEALTH IN ADULTHOOD - The diseases that contribute to socioeconomic differentials in morbidity and mortality have their onset in adulthood. e.g, dramatic declines in adult health status in the short term were shown to occur in central and eastern europe in response to disruptions in the socioeconomic environment. - if what is true for plants and animals in the wild is also true for humans in society, a socioeconomic gradient in health status would be a natural consequence. those whose circumstances most closely approximate the hospitable niche would enjoy the longest, healthiest lives and those whose lives diverge the most from it would live lives that were increasingly unheatlhy and short. - evidence from longitudinal studies shows that early child development and the socioeconomic and psychosocial environment of childhood are empirically linked to adult health status. - attention has been paid to the ways in which this last link occurs. Investigators have postulated three different processes: first, latent effects by which the early life environment affects adult health independent of intervening experience; second, pathway effects, through which the early life environment sets individuals onto life trajectories that in turn affect health status over time; and, third, cumulative effects whereby the intensity and duration of exposure to unfavorable environments adversely affects health status, according to a doseresponse relationship.
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