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Lecture 5 Early Childhood and Food Security notes Reducing Adverse Outcomesa Indeed countries with the lowest rates of IUGR IUGR and preterm birth have achieved those low rates not by health care interventions but rather by reducing the prevalence of socioeconomic disadvantage It may not be possible to eliminate the higher risks of IUGR and preterm birth among the poor without eliminating poverty itself p 205Latency refers to to relationship between an exposure at one point in the life course and the probability of health expressions year or decades later irrespective intervening experience The effect of asbestos on elevating the risk of various cancers decades after exposure has ceased in one vivid example of such a relationship Cumulative refers tomultiple exposures over the life course whose effects on health combineThese may be wither multiple exposure to a single recurrent factor chronic poverty or persistent smoking or serious of exposures to difference factors Pathway refer torepresent dependent sequences of exposures in which exposure at one stage of the life course influence the probability of other exposures later in the life course As well as associates expressionsEx divorce of one parent will effect reading and the school entry Also effect later employment op
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