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Health Studies
Scott Sams

Exam Study Guide Outline Ideology  What is the difference between neoliberalism and social democracy or collective values vs. market values? o Collectivist  Closely to: social democracy  POLIS model of society  Sees inequalities are bad, interest is advanced by taking care of others   Inequality is abhorrent and the state/society need to do something about it  Good health or health care is an entitlement o Market  Close to: neoliberalism and conservative party  Free trade, open markets, in favour of globalization  The way to advance human well-being is to give people freedom to do business  Health inequalities are because of genetics or the market  Motivation: money o Social democracy  Provision of health as a social right  Reject communism vs. capitalism polarization  Take capitalist society and makes it more socialist o Neoliberalism  Believes in privatization and enhancing the role of the private sector  Human well-being will be advanced if we don’t regulate or tax them  If rich get richer, the money will trickle down Ways of thinking about health policy:  What is the difference between the social science approach vs. traditional medical approach o Social science:  Broader scope  Tries to understand the determinants of health outside of the hospital setting  E.g. structural policies, economic, how do institutions affect health?  Closest to social-determinants of health  Sees health at a societal level o Health sciences/medical approach  Traditionally narrowly focused on clinical health care interventions provided by health care professions such as medicine, nursing  Focus on treatments carried out by physicians and other health professionals and effect on health of individuals  In health policy, emphasis was on organization and delivery of health care services  Sees health at an individual level (closely related to medical paradigm) Health paradigms  What is the difference between socioenvironmental, structural critcal, medical and behavioral lifestyle medicines (say who it targets: individual or society and the type of interventions) o Socio-environmental  Promotes intervention to change high risk environments that affect health  Focuses on risk conditions that are in the environment (socio- envrionmental) e.g. poverty, pollution, hazardous working conditions  Targets: society  Intervention: o Structural critical  Focused on how society distributes resources (social and economic)  Sees health as an unequal distribution AND control of economic resources and social power  To enact change, focus on the collective  Targets: society  Intervention: change the system…need paradigmatic or third order change that changes the structure of the system o Medical  Health as the absence of disease  Believe that professional medical interventions are necessary to manage symptoms and disease  Focuses on detecting disease and having it treated by a medical professional  Health issues are defined professionally and placed in disease categories  Targets: individual  Intervention: individual medical attention  *dominant in Canada o Behavioural lifestyle  Health problems are seen as behavioural e.g. smoking, exercise, poor dietary habits  Health is something in control of an individual e.g. disease-preventing lifestyle  Emphasizes prevention instead of treatment  Targets: individual  Intervention: change behavior  e.g. anti-smoking campaigns, tax cigarettes higher  Health education, social marketing, advocacy of public policies that promote lifestyle changes  *dominant in Canada Policy c
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