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IDSA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Postcolonialism, Edward Said, Australian Human Rights Commission

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan
Study Guide

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Glossary Terms Set #2 pt.2
1. Imperialism
Imperialism is about command. It refers to practicing power of another nation state or group of
people. It is different than colonialism because it exercises power through settlement, control
or sovereignty. Imperialism is more about using military force to gain control.
Source: Wikipedia Imperialism
2. Neo-colonialism
Neo-colonialism is about using political, cultural, economic, globalization, capitalism, or any
other pressures to influence a nation to gain control. Either uses political or military control.
Source: Sarte, Jean Paul (2001) Colonialism and Neocolonialism. Routledge
3. Orientalism
Edward Said defines orientalism as stereotypes of the mid-west culture. It is the representation
of Oceania, Asia and the Middle east, but style, artifacts, and traits are stereotyped in a
colonialist way. Orienalistm exaggerates the way we see arab culture. It says their culture is
akard, uiilized ad dagerous. I “aids ook Orietalis, he opares ad otrasts
the Middle East ad Asia ith ester iilizatio, ho sees theseles as the right ad
appropriated ulture. May outries strie to be like Canada and the United States, but when
people think of the Middle east they think of danger, war, conflict and poverty.
Source: Reclaiming identity: Dismantling Arab stereotypes
4. Ne wars
Ne ars are ot eessarily e, rather they are i eed of e poliy resposes.
In the book New and Old Wars by Mary Kaldor, she describes new wars as:
Fought by a combination of state and non state networks
Use identity politics to fight in the name of a label instead of an ideology
Achieve political control through fear and terror
Are not financed through the state [but through other means that seek violence]
Source: Kaldor, Mary (2012), New and Old Wars: Organized Violence in a Global Era
(Cambridge: Polity)
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