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IDSA01H3 Final: IDS Glossary Terms Set 2 pt 1

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan
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Glossary Terms Set #2 pt. 1
1. Colonialism
Colonialism refers to the practice of transferring a population to new territory, or colonizing a
nation with its own rules, laws and ordeals. The settlers may be of a different origin, but abide
by the same allegiance as all the other nations that has been colonized by the same sovereign.
(E.g. British Colony). A colony establishes and maintains their power in other territories.
2. Clash of civilizations
The clash of civilizations is a hypothesis created by Samuel P. Huntington. The hypothesis was
that the religious cultures and identities of people were the primary source of conflict during
the post-cold war. He believed that conflict was mostly prevalent between Muslims and non-
Huntington divided the world into 8 major civilizations:
Western Civilization (E.g. Canada)
Latin America (E.g. Mexico)
Orthodox (E.g. Greece)
Eastern World (E.g. Buddhist, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese)
Muslim world (E.g. Middle East)
Sub Saharan Desert (E.g. Africa)
Lone country civilizations (E.g. Haiti)
Cleft country civilizations (E.g. Ukraine)
Huntington believed that civilizations will clash because of 6 reasons:
Civilization differences
The world is smaller
Economic modernization
Civilization consciousness
Cultural characteristics are hardly to compromise (than political or economic)
Increase in economic regionalism
Huntington believes that there will be conflict that will arise between the western civilizations
vs the rest of the non-western civilizations. Another part of his theory suggests that conflict will
form on a local and global level.
Source: The Clash of Civilizations? The Debate by Samuel P. Huntington, Published by
Simon and Schuster on 1996
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