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International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan
Study Guide

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Midterm Format
Part 1: 30 points-> Identify five
Define a concept and provide an example. Make sure to explain your example and
its relation to the concept.
Millennium Development Goals
Human Development Index
Life Expectancy
Part 2: Compare and contrast: (8 points each= 32 points). How is it approached and
how is it constructed?
Eg: Development blocks disease, and disease blocks development:
Development of Vaccines, production
Disease is blocking economic development
Difference between the two
Development is a way of stopping disease from progressing.
How does disease block development: disease stops people from
Culture as Development and Development as Culture:
Putting cultures on display: practising traditional with tourism (C as D)
Modernization would be development as culture
Problem of underdevelopment:
Part 3: Problem identification (40 points)
For each statement below, indentify a major assumption underlying the
statement (two sentences)
Eg:The GDP of a country is the best measure of Development
What is the main underlining argument?
Free Trade is the best way to get a country out of poverty
Country in the north exploit the global south
America is the key power of free trade so if they take part in free trade
they will become like the states.
An assumption is that free trade will benefit both parties
It is not really looking at the structural and the hierarchy power.
Human Right to health care is provided to all
What is being Healthy?
Underlying assumption to health is merely physical
They have the right to healthcare but it doesn’t mean it is there.
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