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IDSA01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Millennium Development Goals

International Development Studies
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Leslie Chan
Study Guide

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Midterm Format
Part 1: 30 points-> Identify five
Define a concept and provide an example. Make sure to explain your example and its relation to the
Millennium Development Goals
Human Development Index
o Life Expectancy
Part 2: Compare and contrast: (8 points each= 32 points). How is it approached and how is it
Development blocks disease, and disease blocks development:
o Development of Vaccines, production
o Disease is blocking economic development
o Difference between the two
o Development is a way of stopping disease from progressing.
o How does disease block development: disease stops people from working
Culture as Development and Development as Culture:
o Putting cultures on display: practising traditional with tourism (C as D)
o Modernization would be development as culture
Problem of underdevelopment:
Part 3: Problem identification (40 points)
For each statement below, indentify a major assumption underlying the statement (two
The GDP of a country is the best measure of Development
o What is the main underlining argument?
Free Trade is the best way to get a country out of poverty
o Country in the north exploit the global south
o America is the key power of free trade so if they take part in free trade they will become
like the states.
o An assumption is that free trade will benefit both parties
o It is not really looking at the structural and the hierarchy power.
Human Right to health care is provided to all
o What is being Healthy?
o Underlying assumption to health is merely physical
o They have the right to healthcare but it doesn’t mean it is there.
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