IDSA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Non-Governmental Organization, International Humanitarian Law, Development Assistance Committee

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IDSA01 Glossary – Set 1
Core humanitarian principles: four different principles that ensure a humanitarian approach to life.
-Humanity: A core humanitarian principle that confirms every person is treated in a humane way under
all circumstances.
-Independence: A core humanitarian principle that denotes every humanitarian agency must have their
own rules independent of the government.
-Impartiality: A core humanitarian principle noting that assistance must not be biased, and solely based
on the need for help.
-Neutrality: A core humanitarian principle meaning that a humanitarian organization should not take
sides and engage in controversial acts.
Humanitarian assistance: the provision of help through aid relief and to prevent future negative occurrences
from happening
Humanitarian space: following through with the humanitarian principles.
International humanitarian law (IHL): set of rules that regulates acts of warfare.
Multilateral organization: organizations formed between multiple nations to address issues related to all the
countries involved.
Non-governmental organization: an organization that non-profit and is usually set up by ordinary civilians.
Official Development Assistance (ODA): term to measure aid that was developed by the Development
Assistance Committee.
OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC): one of the bilateral organizations that work towards
increasing the effectiveness of sustainable development.
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