IDSB04H3 : IDSB04 terms

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N governance vs. government: both refer to purposive behavior, to goal, to goal oriented activities, to systems of rule, government: activities are backed by formal authority, governance: activities are backed by shared goals no police power . Actions and means adopted by a society to promote collective action and deliver collective solutions in pursuit of common goals . N *ihr (international health regulation) 2005: legally binding a regulation which was adopted by most countries to contain the threats from diseases that may rapidly spread from one country to another. N *global health governance: situated locally/nationally/regionally/internationally may be formal (international health regulation) or informal (hippocratic oath) and they may be public (ex: moh) vs. N *multilateral organizations: activities on a near global level involving the agreement or cooperation of a number of nations. The word is commonly used in areas of international relations such as treaties, agreements and trading systems.