IDSB04H3 Study Guide - Environmental Health, Precautionary Principle, Wangari Maathai

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Climate Change: The how
"Greenhouse effect" makes earth habitable (atmosphere is warmed by naturally occurring gases
trapping heat of sun)
Huge rise in concentration of main g-house since 1750: Co2, CH4, H2O
Electricity generation
Factory production
Motor vehicle use
Agriculture and land use changes
Principal Sources:
Market forces-- shaping production and consumption patterns-- are far more important than population
in explaining patterns of fossil fuel consumption
Climate change: potential health consequences -p. 477-8
Heat waves
Droughts: food shortage and loss of arable and habitable land
Arid areas becoming direr, humid wetter
Water and air borne pathogens
Mosquito breeding sites; new diseases
Potential displacement of human population (2/3 within 60km of sea line
Damage to fisheries and aquifers
Loss of livelihood, malnutrition, increased susceptibility to disease
Ocean levels rose by 10-20 cum in 20th century
Precipitation changes:
Box 10-2: climate change and human development
The UNDP identifies five main mechanisms through which climate change may stall and or reverse
human development
Reduced agriculture 1.
Consequences of and responses to climate change go "
beyond the lifetime of politicians and business
leaders." more importantly, lowering
"greenhouse gas emissions will require significant...
Ecological Footprints p. 480
Canadian ree and Wackernagel
2003 Global ecological foot print 2.3 hectares
Human consumption outstripped earth's biological productivity by 20% in 2001
But consumption is only part of the story...
Box 10-3 Four Environment Worldviews
Market Liberal1. Approach to environmentalist
Institutionalist2. There is a need for strong Global institution to set Voluntary standards
Bio-environmentalist3. Scientific activist , to enhance earth's capacity
There should be limits to economic growth
Lower consumption
People and mass of consumers are the problem
Lecture 10
CH 10
Health and the Environment
1:38 PM
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