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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Elizabeth Page- Gould

Study questions for Week 2 What is DevelopmentModernization1Emphasis on economic growthuse western developed countries as modes2Causes of underdevelopment inherent in the countries themselves3Focus on nationalstate 4Emphasis on individual freedom5Mass media play an important role in the development process 6Vertical pattern communication between the elite and people Dependence1Development defined in terms of center and periphery 2Underdevelopment ascribed to the industrialized capitalist powers of the west 3Information gaps underdevelopment in the periphery is prerequisite to the development in the center4The mass media reinforce the dominance of metropole over its satellites5A country in the periphery must derive for selfreliance and liberation from the world system6Emphasis on social equalityKey Termsknowledge power underdevelopment MDGs millennium development goalsHistorical contingencies alternative development paradigm normativeWeek3Healthandhumanrights3 How is the right to health care different from the right to health What are the underlying assumptions and the policy implications of the two viewsthey constitute just one component of the larger right to healthfall far short of ensuring the right to health unless accompanied by adequate nutrition sanitation social security safe employment decent living conditions and other elements of socialwellbeing4 In what important respects do health and development intersectIs good health a prerequisite for national development Or is development a necessary condition for good healthKey ConceptsUniversal Declaration of Human Rights rightsbased approach to development by NGOs to reduce communitiess dependency by improving governments capacity Amartya Sen
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