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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Y L Chan

INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STUDIES review WEEK 8 1 Compare and contrast mitigation and adaptation as the two forms of dealing with climate change Give examples of both Is one more important than the other Mitigation international agreement to reverse or stop affects Kyoto ProtocolDecreasing the use of greenhouse gases emission by 5 percent less than the 1990sPromotes market based approach CDM clean development mechanism Binds developed nations to a cap and trade system under emitters can sell to over emittersREDD reduction in emission from deforestation and forest degradation20 percent of greenhouse gases come from deforestationSolution plant trees plant treescarbongoodPay people incentives to plant more treesThis both alleviates poverty for vulnerable populations and results to biodiversity conservationLow capital requirements carbon market opened to economically marginalized participantsAdvantageous where land is lowcarbon lowproductivity farmland add revenue to already economically marginalized farmers and rural communities All countries but US has signed it US is a big user of greenhouse gases so it is not going to help if some countries do it and some do not This is especially because the developing countries have even stopped but US continues to use as much as it wantsAdaptation how can people in developing countries enhance their capacity to adapt to changes in climate that are now both more persistent and more extensive Ability to adapt includes such things as fertilization irrigation and sowing daysHard for developing countries because not enough funding mechanisms Green RevolutionPoor quality of soil because used so much it has lost its nutrients There was not a log enough fallow period for the soil to gain its nutrients backStashout termSo the green revolution developed fertilizerBut who owns and who buys this fertilizer only 3 companies sell fertilizer and they can control and distribute competition Global south cannot afford this fertilizer anymore so their soil is inevitably forever ruined
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