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International Development Studies
Ryan Isakson

Broad themesBe able to explain what political economy is how it differs from conventional economics and why it is relevant to the study of international development o The study of how humans interact with one another and nature in the production and distribution of GS o ie social provisioning o vision in political economy Vision in political economy yes economic activity does take place in businessmarkets but it also says economic activity can take place elsewhere public sphere core sphere church help groups aid groups members of congregation business sphere Social context underlays all of these three parts Economies function within social context but also within environmental contexto Economic provisioning takes place in multiple sitesBusiness gov and core HH community etc o Forms of provisioning are contingent upon the social contextPolitics culture and history o Economic activities are constrained by natural limitsBe able to list internal and external barriers to development oSome examples of possible internal barriers that tend to block change and thus thwart economic growth and development are a inequalities in the existing distribution of land ownership for most countries wealth distribution is intimately related to the nature and power of class relations in society and control over economic resources and the political sphere as well b the level and efficiency of infrastructural development roads electricity water communication services port facilities and so on c the role and level of development of organized banking and lending activities and of equity stock and other financial markets and financial intermediaries d an ineffective or underdeveloped educational system including both relatively low levels of general literacy and an imbalance between allocations of financing to lower and higher education e prevailing ideological concepts and their impact on thinking and behaviour including the influence of religious thinking the accepted role of women and ethnic or religious minorities the prevailing economic orthodoxy and so on f the initial endowment of natural resources of a nation g the role of the state that is the power and nature of the influence of government including the degree of political freedom and the strength of democratic processes h the extent and importance of political corruption and patronage and the impact of these on public policies and on economic behaviour of those governed i the existence of substantial market failures in which market signals are not fully completely or accurately transmitted to economic agents thus distorting resource allocation production decisions spending patterns and so on o Examples of possible external barriers to development include a multinational or transformational corporation b the international division of labour and the prevailing patterns of international trade eg primary commodity exporting countries versus manufacturedgood exporting countries including the operation of the organized institutional structure of the international trade system the effects of the World Trade Organizations negotiations and of regional trading
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