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International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Ch 5 Q: For what purposes are health data collected? A (p194-198): Health data are commonly used for a variety of purposes including health services planning and legislation, gauging trends and needs, early determination of health problems and outbreaks, and monitoring and complying with international health regulations. Extra Info Here are some uses of Statistical Health Data, z Identify emerging problem z Anticipate future needs z Help determine priorities z Estimate budgets z For use by government in the public sphere z Help direct progress toward goals z For international sharing and comparison purposes z Monitor progress setbacks by social groups Q: what are the limitations of health data A (p195,198): health data can not make decision on policies that affect health. It also can not give causal explanation. Lastly, it is also difficult to determine which variables to include in data collection and analysis. Q: what are the major kinds of health-related data? A: There are population data (census), vital statistics (birth registration), health statistics, health services statistics, data on social inequalities. Q: What are the challenges involved in collecting health data A: z During the data
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